Girls – ON

We are working hard to make girls take part in STEM. We started with the underprivileged schools near us to encourage them to take part in STEM. We regularly visit schools and have Science Workshops! We believe that #SOTEffect should start from nearest and go to furthest to inspire more!


As Sultans Of Turkiye we are working hard to be more than robots! To emphasize the importance of the nature we went plogging at Belgrad Forest and we nearly cleaned 100 kilograms of trash. We invited teams to clean the trash to reach more!

Ankara Off-Season

Between 23 - 25 of November 2019 we participated in Ankara Off - Season.At the end of the competition we got the ‘Entrepreneurship Award’!Entrepreneurship Award ” yani girişimcilik ödülünü almaya hak kazandık!

Geleceğe Nefes

We participated in ‘Gelcege Nefes’ on 11st of November 2019 in 81 different cities, 2023 different places planned plant 13 million trees with them! We have planted over 80 trees! Geleceğe Nefes ‘in bir parçası olduk! Okulumuzun FTC takımı ile DS Telegraph ve 5. sınıf öğrencilerimizle Kocaeli Üniversite’sine gittik. Biz de Sultanlar olarak 70+ ağaç diktik.

Mersin Off-Season

This year we participated in Off - Season which was hosted in Mersin for the first time! There were more than 500 participants from 41 schools, within the partnership of Technokids Mersin and Jr. Robotics. We got the ‘Judges Award’!Judges Award” yani jüri özel ödülü alamya hak kazandık.