What is FRC?

FRC (First Robotoc Competition) is an international high school robotics competition. Every year, the theme that is chosen is announced in the first week of January under the name of Kick-off. After that, the teams start to make their robots and get ready for the competition. Robot is important in FRC but spreading FIRST and adopting FIRST spirit is imortant, too. FRC gives opportunities for applying some awards such as Team Spirit and Entrepreneurship Award.

What Is FIRST?

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology is an international youth organization that operates the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Lego League Jr., FIRST LEGO League Jr. Discovery Edition, and FIRST Tech Challenge competitions. It was established by Dean Kamen in 1989.

What Skills We Gained?

-We improved our skills in technical areas such as mechanics, programming and electronics.

We are gracious professionals with the skills we earn. We have leadership, team spirit and entrepreneur souls!

We know have ability to work in discipline by planning and programming our studies.

We keep in touch with teams all over the world, find unity in diversity!

We have engaged in cultural interaction by contacting people of different ethnic backgrounds.